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    Cleaning your Epoxy Coated Floors in the Garage

    One of the biggest advantages of epoxy coating floors is the lack of maintenance and care it requires after. However, by performing simple tasks of cleaning you can make sure that your epoxy coating and the flooring lasts longer. Mopping the Flooring If you have had your garage floor epoxy coated for instance, consider mopping Read More

    6 Ways To Improve Your Concrete With Decorative Concrete

    When you hear stamped concrete, you may immediately think about an exterior patio. However, more homeowners and businesses are rethinking, and choosing to use stamped concrete in various applications.  Instead of completing replacing or resurfacing their concrete, stamped overlays can be a cost effective and simpler choice for the following: Restaurants While many restaurants go Read More

    Things you need to know about pool concrete resurfacing in Phoenix

    If you live in the Phoenix or surrounding areas, you know just how brutal the Arizona summer heat can be. And this heat can also have a significant effect on your pool deck!  The Desert City sees, on average, 17 days where temps are 110°F or above. What does this have to do with your Read More

    Show off your garage floor with an Ultimate Floor

    Tired of that dull, stained gray slab of concrete in your garage but aren’t quite sure what you can do to brighten up the space? Ultimate has a concrete flooring solution for you! With an Ultimate installed and designed epoxy garage floor, your space will be the envy of the neighborhood. Your garage can look Read More

    4 Creative Ways of using Concrete in your AZ Backyard

    While many homeowners can easily envision entertaining in their backyard, other Phoenix area homeowners wouldn’t dare. If your backyard leaves little to be desired, perhaps you just need a little help to add a few features to your backyard landscape. Many people overlook the use of concrete, but this durable material offers an affordable way Read More

    Make Your Walkway Stand Out with Stamped Concrete

    Why Choose Stamped Concrete for your home?    Walkways are more than just utilitarian. Your walkway adds to the curb appeal and value of your home. If you are tired of looking at that dull, unimpressive walkway leading to and from your home, but need a budget friendly solution, a stamped concrete walkway is just for Read More

    6 Tips to Make your Phoenix home more Springy!

    Phoenix is warming up and it won’t be long until everyone is spending their days outdoors again. Winter is the time to work on making your indoor space more cozy and attractive, but spring is the season for focusing on your outdoor areas. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your backyard and pool Read More

    Dealing with cracked concrete? Replace with pavers or repair the concrete?

    Resurfacing the Cracked Concrete vs Replacing with Pavers  You love your home and everything about it. You take care of it and as something breaks, you repair it fast. However, you’ve stopped short when it comes to your cracked patio, drive, or walkway. Older patios, walkways, and even driveways can crack. When cracks appear, it’s Read More

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