In need of Cool Deck Repair for your Arizona Pool or Patio?

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Are you facing problems of fading or cracking in your pool deck area? With the aggravation of summer heat, the damage will just get worse. You can easily repair cool deck in Phoenix, Arizona, but see below for some important information:

The Power of Kool Deck

Phoenix Summers invite the scorching heat of the sun. From our skin to every surface, everything is hot, burning which means we avoid everything….

While sunrays fall straight on our heads, the hot patios, pool decks and sidewalks burn our feet.

The heat drives to the water and pools so we cool down however, often the burning pool decks  aggravate our problems and prevent us from enjoying our patios and pools as much as we should.

We have the answer….If you desire swimming or enjoying your gorgeous outdoor patio on a hot day, our kool deck repair process may be your best option!  

The concept of kool deck was conceived by a Tuscan-based company named Mortex in 1962. This product is absolutely incredible when utilized over concrete decks in the swimming pool areas, walkways and patios. In fact, it is often installed in areas with heavy foot traffic. The light colors of this product reflect the heat so keep the foot surface relatively cooler. Also, this highly efficient outdoor flooring protects comes in plethora of patterns and hues to match the ambience of your surroundings.

Some of the positives of cool deck are:

  • It decreases temperature of the concrete surface by almost 20 degrees.
  • It resists thermal expansion and contraction
  • Cleaning is easier than regular concrete surfaces.
  • Provides protection against skidding, thereby lessens probability of accidents in the pool areas.
  • It is stain resistance and is waterproof.
  • It withstands conventional forms of wear and tear.
  • It requires minimal maintenance, thereby saves money long-term


There are no real negatives of kool deck. However, the installation requires professional expertise and therefore, does not fall in the do-it-yourself realm. Once applied with efficiency, it furnishes beautiful colors and textures. The strength rendered stands comparable to the initial concrete foundation. Although the installation process is not too complicated, lapses in the proper method and proficiency of work can lead to poor results.

Cool deck surfaces are constructed with a mixtru of port-land cement, marble, sand and water. The application procedure involves splashing this mixture onto a newly manufactured concrete base. The cardinal point of negligence is the timing of its application on the concrete base. Most people make the concrete base too dry or wait for too long. The best time to install  cool decking is when the concrete base can be walked over without any footprint impressions showing. Nevertheless, it should still show presence of moisture content when pressure is exerted.

Another significant point of installation is the width of the kool deck. The optimum thickness of the deck is believed to be one-eighth of an inch. Anything thicker will result in premature cracking.

Efficient Cool Deck Repair Offers Durability:

Cracks in the deck are indeed unpleasant. They should be fixed – and what better way to fix it than repairing your cool deck. However, before you decide to opt for resurfacing your pool deck, ensure the genuineness of  kool deck. The most reliable verification of cool deck presence can be conducted by wetting the area with a garden hose. The deck will absorb the water, while a run off indicates another product.

Replacement of a deck is not often a financially viable option. Replacing your pool deck requires lots of money, time and energy.

Therefore, repair of cool deck can be much better! 

Damages in the form of cracks or fractures can be repaired with the assistance of caulking agents. These are acrylic lace or stamp that has to be carefully applied to repair cracks, fissures and other problem area. Furthermore, with so many products in the market, a lay-person may find it confusing to select the most credible product. Professional expertise and assistance for repair of cool deck in Phoenix, Arizona would indeed be the most appropriate measure in such circumstances.

Intricacies of Repairing Cool Deck: 

Kool deck cracks cannot be repaired by application of more cool deck on an old concrete base. Even a base that was laid 24 hours ago is not apt for cool deck application. Application in such circumstances will not repair the cracks . Local concrete contractors in Phoenix, Arizona often do not  holistic know-how of these intricacies. Getting repair work done from such novice hands will only result in a waste of time and finances.

The precise process requires the use of acrylic binders to the existing surface so that base for cohesion is created. The acrylic created repairs conjugate with the other layers and render a consistent kool deck appearance.

Therefore, it becomes pertinent to seek professional help to repair cool deck.. Only a  Phoenix licensed, decorative concrete contractor will help you retrieve the fine lacy appearance of pool deck. As longtime leaders in the cool deck repair industry (15 yrs and counting!), Ultimate Concrete Coatings is the company to chose! Also, we offer TRANSPARENT pricing so you know in advance how much it will cost- without extra fees at the end!

So if  you looking for a professional, who has the knowledge, expertise and experience in repairing cool deck in Phoenix, AZ. Your search comes to an end. Contact us today for a free estimate! 


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