Cool Deck Repair

Kool Deck Repair for Phoenix Pools and PatiosCool Deck-Repair-Phoenix-AZ-By-Ultimate-Concrete-Coatings

At first glance, the idea of a concrete deck around a pool, where most everybody has bare feet, may seem a little counter-intuitive. After all, Phoenix’ temperatures are routinely above 100 degrees for approaching six months every year, and concrete – when exposed to direct sunlight – is typically some 30 degrees higher than surrounding air temperatures. That’s where cool deck repair comes in.

If your family and friends have unbearable experiences when they come to visit, Ultimate Concrete Coatings’ pool deck repair and pool resurfacing service can solve your problems.


Why Choose Ultimate Concrete Coatings for your pool’s cool deck?

Ultimate Concrete Coatings is led by Thomas Krupinski, founder and CEO, who still personally oversees many of the company’s cool deck repair projects. Mr Krupinski founded Ultimate in 2007, with a determination to provide “good quality, honest work for decent middle-class homeowners.”

No subcontractors are ever used to fulfill an Ultimate obligation. All our trucks are crewed by full-time employees, who are dedicated to providing a level of cool deck repair service that the CEO would appreciate when he visits a jobsite.

As explored further below, we use cool deck repair materials that are vastly superior to any available to the general public. This combinations assures you, the customer, of the best possible result, first time, every time.

We choose the name “Ultimate” for that very reason.


Benefits of Cool Deck:

As noted, bare concrete can easily reach 140 degrees on an ordinary Phoenix summer’s afternoon (we have an average of 17 days a year when ambient temperatures exceed 110). Five minutes of exposure to a 130-degree stream of water will give a third degree burn to a child’s skin. An Ultimate cool deck repair removes that risk completely.


The Ultimate Pool Deck Repair Process:

Most pool owners have heard mention of Kool Deck over the years (although it’s often, mistakenly, written as “Cool Deck”). Kool Deck is a proprietary trademark of Mortex, the concrete products company, and – while it works well – can only be applied as part of the process that builds a pool deck in the first place.

It cannot be retrofitted, which means it cannot be part of a cool deck repair.

 At Ultimate, we use products that are entirely comparable to Kool Deck (or “cool deck”), but which are designed to form part of a repair process. These products are not available to the general public, and cannot be bought at home improvement warehouse stores. Kits sold at such locations are inferior in terms of quality and application process, and cannot be guaranteed.


Learn More:

With one call to Ultimate Concrete Coatings, you could be on your way to a newly-repaired, cool concrete pool deck. We’re so confident of our expertise, and of the quality inherent in every repair we carry out, that we offer a two-fold incentive that’s unique all across the Valley of the Sun:

  • We will come to you, entirely free of charge, if you live within a full 100 miles of downtown Phoenix. Our on-site consultation involves exploring what your ambitions are for your pool area (including patios and walkways), and a professional inspection of the preexisting installation. We’ll explain precisely what needs to be done to effect the repair, and provide you with a graven-in-stone price within a couple of days.
  • We offer an unconditional, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every cool deck repair, and it remains in force for the lifetime of your ownership of the property, no matter how long that may be.

No other company provides that level of service, because no other company can match our level of expertise. Take the first step toward a professionally-repaired pool deck today, by calling Ultimate Concrete Coatings at (480) 298-7115, or by dropping a note at our Contact Us facility. Let us know when it would be most convenient for us to call you, and we’ll be on the line with all you need to know about your pool deck or cool deck repair.