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Concrete floors are beneath our feet so unceasingly they almost become invisible. In fact, they often are unseen, covered over by layers of other materials, or improved by surface coatings. But they’re there, though, as floors per se, as steps, as patios, and in countless other iterations.

Statista, the statistics and studies website, reports that in the decade leading up to 2014, almost 90 million metric tons of cement was consumed in the the United States, mainly by the construction industry. Cement only makes up around ten percent of concrete (60 to 75 percent being aggregates of broken stone or gravel, and the remainder being water), which gives some idea of the amount of cement we encounter in daily life.

It certainly makes sense to know how to get the best from your concrete floors- so chose experts in decorative coatings and resurfacing/restoring your concrete!

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 Make a statement inside your home or outside

Sure, concrete floors are durable, and – even in the challenges posed by Phoenix’ extreme climate – they give decades of service when they’re laid correctly in the first place. But indoors, and in applications such as patios and pool aprons, can they be stylish, too?

Certainly. By partnering with Ultimate Concrete Coatings, as your decorative concrete company, any homeowner can take basic concrete and turn it into a work of art, one that will have family, friends and neighbors singing its praises for years.

Concrete can be colored when it’s poured, by using tinted hardeners or other additives, but it needn’t stay that pale color you take for granted in all untreated examples. Ultimate can:

  • Add an epoxy coating in an effectively limitless variety of hues and tones (including metallic finishes)
  • Apply a new top layer, and stamp patterns into the surface that mimic natural stone surfaces
  • Finish your concrete floors with non-skid technology
  • Reseal existing floors, bringing them back to life
  • Enhance any steps, pool surrounds or other areas with a variety of textured overlays (including a retrofit Kool Deck equivalent)


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Decorative concrete floors are easy to clean, are extremely pet friendly, are fireproof, are stain resistant and waterproof, and you probably own several already. Learn more about how to improve the appearance of assets you already have by calling Ultimate today, on (480) 298-7115, or by dropping us a note through our Contact Us page.  Make the most of your concrete floors and call Phoenix’s favorite decorative concrete coating company!