Epoxy Garage Floor for Phoenix Area Homes

Garage Floor Epoxy

Your garage needn’t be an off-putting, chaotic mancave; it can be a versatile space made the most of by all the family. Cleared of clutter, with neatly arranged tools and well-organized cabinets, the garage can become everything from workspace to recycling central.Garage Before

 But what’s that mess under the car? 

 An old, ugly concrete slab – with inherited oil stains left by everyone who’s ever owned the house – lets down all the other improvements you’ve made. At Ultimate Concrete Coatings, we can make your floor like new again with a wonderful epoxy garage floor Phoenix will be jealous of – clean, colorful and showroom-perfect.

Garage After

But Afterwards… NO MESS!

Benefits of Using Epoxy On your Garage Floor:

Epoxy makes every garage look like the domain of a pro. Features include:

  • Beading of moisture for easy clean-up
  • Resistant to oil stains – guaranteed!
  • Wipes clean like the best kitchen counters
  • Looks pretty enough to blend with the rest of the house

Color chips and tints not only finish the effect, but also help to hide any imperfections in the concrete itself. Antiskid additives enhance grip, even when wet, and Ultimate Concrete Coatings’ special treatments can even replicate natural stone surfaces, such as granite.



All Ultimate epoxy garage floor Phoenix -based team members are full-time company employees; to ensure the standard of service we’re famous for, we never subcontract out our jobs. We take care of everything:

  • Ultimate offers a free on-site estimating service to all homeowners within 100 miles of Phoenix; make your color choices with a professional on-hand
  • Our preparation crews will totally clean the existing slab, patch potholes and cracks, remove earlier sealant coats if any have been applied, and roughen the surface to ensure maximum adhesion
  • Our installation teams are expert in timing the installation – when applying epoxy garage floor Phoenix’ extreme temperatures can compromise adhesion – and complete the entire coating process while the epoxy mix is at its optimal usability
  • The Ultimate lifetime warranty guarantees both installation and materials against any sort of failure, forever.We only use industrial-grade materials, which are not available to the general public, and which vastly exceed the strength and performance characteristics of DIY kits.
  • We charge less!  Since we have been doing concrete coatings for so long, we can keep our costs down. You will find out that we are LESS expensive than other concrete coatings contractors but still deliver the SAME quality~

So long as your concrete is at least 60 days old, you can enjoy all the benefits of an epoxy garage floor. With one phone call to (480) 298-7115, or by leaving a note at our Contact Us facility, you too can have the epoxy garage floor Phoenix homeowners all want!