Epoxy Garage Floor Cost

Epoxy Garage Floor Cost

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The DIYer does not have access to the same contractor-grade materials as does a professional, so – regardless of his or her level of competence – will never be able to match the result.Ultimate Concrete Coatings uses CONTRACTOR-Grade Epoxy Materials vs. what you can find at the Big Box and hardware stores which means BETTER RESULTS!!!

Most long-term and life-long Phoenix homeowners adore the area’s distinctive building designs. We enjoy the Sonoran Desert acting as backdrop to “desert school” disciplines, and to those broad suburbs of ranch-style houses and lowrise apartment buildings we call home. Phoenix was, after all, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter retreat, which says much for the region’s architectural opportunities.

Floorplans can be comparable, even across different contractors and construction companies, but numerous independent components influence home improvement pricing. Thus, what may appear to be very similar projects, carried out in very similar homes, can vary in cost quite noticeably. For example, consider how an epoxy garage floor cost can be impacted.

  An experienced professional contractor brings more than materials and a construction crew to each contract.

We provide the materials and installation starting at only $2/per square foot– which is SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than most of the flooring contractors out there!

 Epoxy Garage Floor Cost

Epoxy Floor Cost is based on needs and style:

Although, as noted, no two jobs are exactly alike, one thing is a constant with all epoxy garage floor cost variables:While homes’ and subdivisions’ styles can be categorized, every construction job is different. The functions a space is intended to serve differ by family, and different needs have different price tags. Epoxy garage floor cost is a prime example.

Consider two adjacent Southwest-style homes in Scottsdale. This is characteristic Arizona architecture, influenced by both Indian Pueblo and Spanish Colonial revival schools:

  • Low, flat roofs
  • Stucco exterior walls
  • Sparsely ornamented facades
  • Exposed wooden ceiling beams

The families who live in these homes are very different, yet both are considering updating their garage spaces. Both have decided to work from the ground up, so the first big job is to refinish the floor. Both have decided on an epoxy coating, but how much will that epoxy garage floor cost?

We’ll help the homeowner view the building simply as a shell, in the context of architectural improvements. Only then can what happens on the inside be identified as an isolated end goal. Thus detached, it’s possible to appreciate how efficiency and effectiveness can be maximized.

At Ultimate Concrete Coatings, every contract comes complete with a lifetime warranty. Home improvement kits, in contrast, have an expected lifespan of only two years. Call (480) 298-7115, or click here, to learn more about the factors that influence your epoxy garage floor cost.