Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much do your coatings cost?
We are custom designers and offer a wide variety of coatings. We can help design and build a coating to fit most budgets. Because of the different requirements of every project and the wide variety of coatings, we offer free estimates and can provide you with an exact cost for the particular coating you desire at the time of the estimate.

Are your coatings slippery when wet?
We use nonskid on all of our coatings, which provides a slip-resistant surface.

Are your stamped overlays hot in the summer?
Our stamped overlays are specifically designed to have very good heat reduction, which is very comparable to kool deck. The texture of the stamping creates air pockets in a similar way as kool deck reducing surface area of the deck coming in contact with your feet, which makes it much cooler than plain concrete, pavers, real flagstone, etc. Color selection also plays a small factor. The lighter the colors you select, the cooler the coating will be.

What is the life expectancy of your coatings?
Our coatings are specifically formulated to be strong and durable. This means that they are permanent. Once we apply our coatings, we are 100% sure they will adhere to the substrate. The life expectancy of our coatings is the same as the substrate it is applied to.

Do I have to reseal my coating?
All coatings need to be resealed at some point. Sealants protect your coating from staining and also prevent the colors from fading. Our coatings need resealed on average every 5 years. It can be less often or more often depending on the use the coating gets and the sun exposure. For example, if the coating is in direct west or south exposure, then it could be every 3 years. If it is in the shade some of the time, then it could be around 5 years. If it is in the shade 100% of the time (i.e. garage or indoors), then it could be 10+ years.

How long does it take to apply your coatings?
It takes anywhere from 2-5 days depending on the size of the project. Projects 1,000 sf or less can usually be completed in 2-3 days with larger projects taking 3-5 days. We strive to start and finish within the timeframe prearranged with our customer. We will not leave a project unfinished or unnecessarily drag it out. The only delay we usually encounter is the rare occasion of rain.

Will my coating turn yellow?
We include at no additional charge UVR inhibitors in all of our sealers. This prevents the sealer from turning yellow or discoloring in the sun.

How long do I need to stay off my coating after it is installed?
We recommend waiting 24 hours before walking on a new coating, 72 hours for medium weight objects such as boxes or light patio furniture, and 7 days before anything heavy (i.e., heavy furniture, cars, tool boxes, etc.) is moved back onto the area that was coated.

How do I care for my coating?
Your coating can be cleaned with a broom, garden hose, or mop. You can use any nonabrasive cleaner such as Simple Green or ZEP Citrus Degreaser. For more stubborn problem areas such as road tar, you can use Goof Off 2.

Will my coating get stained from oil?
Our sealers repel oil and oil is easily wiped off.