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Phoenix Patio Flooring Services

Patios are by definition exterior spaces; covered or otherwise, they’re exposed to usually-unmodified open-air elements. In Phoenix – indeed in all of central Arizona – we see temperatures averaging over 100 degrees for more than 100 days annually, and highs that exceed 110 degrees for two or three weeks each year. Our climate is similar to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and Baghdad in Iraq!

 That’s a challenge for any outside space, especially patio flooring.

 Another thing about patios – they’re paved, one way or another. If they were made using wood, they’d be “decks,” and if they were left bare earth, they’d just be “yards.” Finishing and resurfacing concrete and large pavers of all types is our specialty here at Ultimate Concrete Coatings, so we’re definitely the guys to speak with when your patio needs a facelift, or if the surface is simply too hot to step on for much of the year.

 The Patio Flooring Options in Phoenix are ENDLESS:

Whether your patio is most regularly used for family dining, hosting social events or simply relaxing, you need its appeal to begin at its base. No matter what measures you take to improve furnishings and ambience, if your patio flooring is dull, dirty, cracked or ugly concrete, your other efforts will be wasted.

Happily, Ultimate Concrete Coatings offer a number of services that will give your patio flooring a whole new lease on life. These include:

All can be aimed at moderating those excessive under-the-foot temps, too.

 Great Patio Flooring for ALL over Phoenix:

If you’re a new neighbor who’s recently moved to one of our more popular retiree communities, such as Sun City or Sun City West, perhaps you’ve inherited a patio that could do with a clean-up? Maybe you’re a young family, building your life in one of the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale region’s popular cities or suburbs?

Whether you’re in Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale or Surprise, Ultimate has great news for you:

  • We offer a completely free in-home consultation to all home- and business premises owners located within a 100-mile radius of downtown Phoenix!

Just give us a call on (480) 298-7115, or use our Contact Us form and ask us to respond at your convenience. Take the first step; schedule a no-risk visit with one of our experts, and you could be on your way to revamping your patio flooring.