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The Ultimate Concrete Package for Repairing Pool Decks and Patios:

Ultimate’s expertise extends back over several decades, with founder and CEO Thomas Krupinski starting his own business in 2007. His pool deck repair company now offers two incentives that are unmatched by any other area provider:

  • Free consultations. If your home is within a full 100-mile radius of downtown Phoenix, Ultimate will attend your property for free, consult with you, conduct a professional survey, and provide a guaranteed estimate of pool deck repair costs and lead times.
  • Unlimited lifetime warrantee. All Ultimate pool deck repair projects, no matter the size, come with an unlimited warranty which covers both materials and labor.

According to, 42.8 percent of Phoenix homes have a swimming pool, while the national statistic is 15.7 percent (yet another way in which The Desert City is beating out all the competition!). The 2010 Census lists 590,149 “housing units” in the city – that’s homes, to you and me – meaning there are substantially more than a quarter million pools. No doubt, there are the same number of pool decks. 

 That’s a lot of acreage, all combined, so it should come as no surprise that pool deck repair projects are fairly commonplace. Finding a business which can deal with your pool deck repair needs, promptly and reliably, is no more difficult than clicking the Contact Us button at Ultimate Concrete Coatings’ website.


 A Repaired Pool Deck will improve your family-life

For many families, the pool is the focal point of almost all their social activities. The pool deck, then, tends to be a gathering place for friends and neighbors, also, so should be one of the most attractive – as well as functional – parts of your home.

The benefits of good maintenance include:

  • Increased enjoyment of the home while you reside there
  • Enhanced home value, and speedier sale, when you decide to move
  • The “stitch in time” factor; concrete structures respond well to ongoing maintenance, so dealing with small issues before they become big issues is typically cheaper in the long run (and far more convenient immediately)

Once an Ultimate specialist has personally reviewed your requirements and preexisting pool deck, you can have your dream area brought back to life within a perhaps-surprisingly limited budget, in a very short time. Offering many different pool deck repair resurfacing textures and finishes, a brand new look and feel for your stay-cations is only one click or phone call away.


Pool Deck Repair on Kool Deck

Ultimate can even replicate Kool Deck (often misspelled “cool deck”) surfaces. Kool Deck was first marketed by Tucson company Mortex in 1962, and has changed little in formula or application since. It must be applied to freshly poured concrete, and fades under the Arizona sun. These factors make it impossible to repair a small section, and extremely difficult to color-match when larger areas are being replaced.

Ultimate exceeds the qualities of Kool Deck (cool deck) by applying an acrylic lace formula when conducting repairs. While the best results are achieved by carrying out the process across the entire pool deck, we can also conduct repairs on a joint-to-joint basis. This allows customers looking for a “quick fix” – perhaps aimed at a home sale – to have a great job done while saving money.

 Because the practice of shooting lace varies between contractors, it may not be possible to exactly match preexisting patterns or textures with a small repair.

Even resealing the surface using colors may not result in the repaired area looking exactly the same as the old. Further, due to the many variables that are beyond our control, Ultimate is unable to warrantee repairs and reseals to other companies’ coatings. There is a certain degree of risk that homeowners take, therefore, in repairing small areas, and this is why Ultimate always recommends full deck treatments.

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