Pool Resurfacing Phoenix

Pool Resurfacing in Phoenix

“Bring plenty of sunscreen and pool footwear, it’s easily +100 F in the summer.” That’s the first user-generated judgment call that comes up on Yelp, the User Reviews & Recommendations website, if you search the Arizona Grand Resort (at 8000 South Arizona Grand Parkway).  It’s good advice.


Pool Resurfacing -The Risks of Untreated Pool Concrete:

Graphically-presented research published here by Yue Xiao, a PhD candidate on road pavement design, shows “the daily temperature of a Phoenix street” through a typical summer day. The measured thermal reading of concrete is approximately 30 degrees higher than air temperature, meaning a concrete surface exposed to direct sunshine on a 110-degree day will reach temperatures of around 140 degrees.

The Burn Foundation, in turn, advises that “when tap water reaches 140º F, it can cause a third degree (full thickness) burn in just five seconds.” 

While the risk is somewhat moderated when contacting a solid surface, the pain of standing on a 140-degree surface is something most Phoenix Metro Area residents have felt, at one time or another. It isn’t something you’d wish on your kids, or on other visitors to your home pool. But, maybe you don’t want to insist everybody wander around wearing pool shoes, as though they’re at a public facility with all the inherent risks of contagion such exposure brings.


Tackling the two Twins in Pool Resurfacing: Kool Deck and Cool Deck:

Most pool owners have heard of Kool Deck, often mistakenly written “cool deck.” It’s a proprietary brand offered by Mortex, which does significantly lower the latent temperature of concrete surfaces.

The trouble is, Kool Deck (or cool deck, or cool-deck, however you spell it) can only be applied when the original concrete is poured. It cannot be retrofitted to an existing pool apron that’s made unusable by the central Arizona climate.

Don’t worry! If pool resurfacing and deck repair is your problem, Ultimate Concrete Coatings has your back….  We specialize in Cool Deck Repair for Pools and Patios!

Pool resurfacing – the recoating of an existing substrate – doesn’t allow for the use of Kool Deck, which must be shot when concrete is wet, as part of the original installation process. Pool resurfacing projects are different, and Ultimate supplies the answer to homes, hotels and health clubs across the Salt River Valley City and beyond.

When pool resurfacing (and the technology works with patios, too), Ultimate offers an alternate high-tech tool called acrylic lace. Contact Us, or call today on (480) 298-7115, to learn more about how we carry out pool resurfacing for Phoenix homes.